School Immersions

An opportunity for Australian school students to experience another culture, another way of life and to step beyond the eye of the tourist.


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Links to our immersion students videos, stories and blog pages.

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    Educate the child, support the family, transform the community.

    our mission

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    The greatest weapon against poverty is education

    Nelson Mandela

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    Change someone’s world and the way you view yours.


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    No one has ever become poor by giving

    Anne Frank

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    You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

    John Bunyan

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    We teach children how to make a living and they teach us how to live.


Why Matesabroad?

Matesabroad offer a unique Cambodian Immersion experience for high school aged children. We work together with your school to make sure you have a complete, authentic, well organised and enriching experience. One you''ll love and never forget. We also ensure your conribution ends up in the right pockets. Our youth volunteer program gives young adults the opportunity to make a difference....

Tales from abroad

Nick (20)


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