As soon as you are accepted

1.      Complete the online application form, including confirming all necessary declarations and pay your $50 non-refundable deposit.

2.      Within 15 working days we expect to contact you to formally welcome you to our program. At this point we will have set you up with a personal login to this website with the username and password you chose when you registered. This will advise you of the dates and details regarding the project of where you will be working.

3.      Check your personal information and contact details in My Profile

3 Months before

1.      Visit a doctor for vaccinations and to discuss other medicines and tablets you may decide to take with you.

2.      Go to your local policy station and get an up to date police clearance or criminal record check. Bring the original with you to Cambodia and email us a scanned copy as soon you as you have it.

2 Months before

1.      Complete your full payment for your program at least sixty (60) days in prior to the commencement of your placement by Paypal. (Should you initially requested dates change for a reason beyond your requested control i.e. a death in the family, serious illness, generally things beyond your control etc. then we will allow you to reschedule your program dates if you notify us in writing)

2.      Get you travel documents into order. Make sure your passport won’t expire until at least 6 months after your return. You can obtain a Visa upon arrival at the airport.

3.      Make sure you have booked your flights. When you have done this please enter the details into your Matesabroad  page on our website so we can make sure we meet you at the airport.

1 Month before

1.      Go through the packing and kit list for Cambodia

2.      Notify your bank that you will be abroad so as to warn them not to terminate your card but also to allow you to withdraw money overseas.

1 Week before

1.      Print out copies of your passport, visas and other important documents. In addition to this remember to bring 4x passport-sized photos for your Visa upon arrival at the airport.

2.       Start packing and start taking your anti-malarial if necessary