About Gifts in Action

A note on donations


Over the past five years , the Matesabroad Foundation has achieved amazing success within some of the poorest slum communities of Phnom Penn. We have now built and operate 5 schools and educate over 500 children. These students receive an education beyond the requirements of the government school system. This includes

  • An innovative English program achieveing great success
  • Computer literacy classes
  • Dental care and general hygiene education
  • Above award wages for teachers
  • Uniforms, backpacks and stationary supplies for each student
  • Pushbikes for those students needing travel assistance
  • Teacher training and support
  • Staff performance reviews to maintain teaching standards
  • Computers and Data projectors for each teacher
  • Teaching resource room with photocopier , printer and laminator
  • Classroom teaching resources.

Help us continue to bring education to the poor and vulnerable in Cambodia.

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Simply choose a gift that you feel will make a difference in the lives of the children.

As soon as you've selected your gift(s), you can simply complete the checkout process and make your donation on our partner website.

After your donation you will receive your gift card for your order.

This card will thank you for your donation and outline what impact you have made.

You can then use this card as a unique present for your friends and family.

Matesabroad will use your money to ensure the gift is received by the children that need it most. 

This will be used to ensure a greater future for themselves, their families and their community.