About Gifts in Action

A note on donations


If you're looking for a creative gift idea for your friends and family simply choose a gift from the online store that you would like to buy in honour of your loved ones.

We send your funds to our Matesabroad partners overseas who use  the money to provide the gift you have donated to deprived children and families. You receive a gift card to give to your loved ones to show them the unique act you have performed on their behalf.

Choose from the gifts below and then click on the Purchase button to be taken to our partner site.


school uniform

School Uniform$10

Help purchase a school uniform for a student.

In Cambodia, all students attending school are required to wear a uniform. To alleviate the financial burden this can cause families living in our squatter communities, all students are provided with a uniform upon enrolment in the program. Boys wear a white dress shirt and blue pants and girls wear a white blouse and a blue skirt. This uniform gives students an identity, a sense of belonging and pride in their appearance and acknowledges that their education is a worthwhile investment. 

school backpack

Student Backpack$10

Help purchase a backpack for a student

Unlike Government schools, students enrolled in our program are provided with all the books and stationery supplies they need during the year. A backpack helps the students to organise these supplies and transport them to and from school each day.


English Story Books$15

Help purchase two large storybooks for an English class in the squatter communities.

All students in our program attend an English class every day. One of the strongest indicators of future employment in Cambodia is fluency in English. 


Student Stationery Kit$20

Help purchase all the stationery supplies a child attending a squatter school uses in one year.

In our squatter communities, many families struggle to provide their child with the most basic learning tools. Purchasing a student stationery kit means a child can begin to write, draw and dream their way to a brighter future.


School Books$20

Help purchase school books for a child to inspire them to learn for a brighter future.

A child who is fluent in Khmer literacy and numeracy has the possibility of a life without poverty.




Purchase a pushbike to allow a graduating primary school student to travel from their squatter community to high school.

Most poor students in Cambodia fail to complete high school, many due to lack of transport.



Help purchase a new whiteboard for a classroom in one of the squatter schools.

Teaching resources are basic and easily damaged by the harsh environment. The classroom whiteboard is an effective tool to inspire learning. 



Educate a Student for a year$100

Help send a student to school for a year.

Many students living in a squatter community do not attend primary school due to the daily school fees charged at a Government School (25c). Teachers at Government Schools charge this fee as their minimum monthly salary means they struggle to make ends meet. Every squatter community school funded by the Matesabroad Foundation is free of charge to students and teachers are paid above the award wage.

Education is the most powerful tool in the fight against poverty.



Teacher Laptop$150

Help purchase a second-hand laptop for a teacher.

The integration of digital resources in the classroom is an effective tool to inspire learning.


light projector

Light Projector$200

Help purchase a light projector for a school.

A light projector will revolutionise the classroom. For the first time in their lives students will be able to see images and videos across a range of topics that they have previously struggled to comprehend ranging from astronauts to earthquakes. Our teachers are encouraged to utilise resources available online to enhance the classroom learning experience. A light projector will allow the teacher to share these resources and inspire learning in their students. 


Sponsor a teacher

Sponsor a teacher$500

Help employ a teacher to educate a class for a year

Currently nine teachers are employed to teach over 500 students in Grades 1 – 6 across five different squatter schools. All teachers are paid above the award wage, have access to a range of classroom resources and are provided with ongoing teacher training.

Education is the most powerful tool in the fight against poverty.