1.   Be part of something bigger

Although volunteering provides many benefits for you, it also delivers a range of benefits for those that you are helping.

Volunteerism offers an incredibly rewarding experience. Ultimately, you are working with people in extreme need and endeavoring to improve the quality of life and living standards for the marginalized. This will be the most significant aspect of your experience.Despite any reservations you could have, you will be making a difference to the lives of people who desperately need it.  Our experience has been that in working for the rights of others you will be enriching your own life in immeasurable ways.

2.   The opportunity to make new friends who are like-minded people

Volunteering brings people together from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal. Building camaraderie and teamwork.

One of the enduring and tangible benefits you receive through volunteering are the friends you make throughout your experience. This includes the people that you are assisting but also the other volunteers that work alongside of you.

The very nature of volunteering means choosing work without being paid for it, and this creates and attracts selfless individuals who value the importance of generosity and altruism.

Working alongside people who feel as strongly as you do about supporting particular causes creates a path to developing strong relationships with others

You will meet people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and from all walks of life and the challenges you will face and overcome together will create lifelong bonds.

3.   Enhance your CV/resume and increase your employability

In addition to essential skills, employers review job applications looking for well-rounded team players who have the potential to be leaders. Volunteering overseas will set your application apart because it illustrates that you have developed additional skills, which would be advantageous for any team and that you are prepared to challenge yourself to meet new goals.

Employers respect and appreciate this sort of life experience, the personal skills and the cultural understanding that you obtain through volunteering. Moreover, volunteering provides a chance to gain essential leadership experience that all employers wish to see. 

Volunteering overseas is a great way of enhancing your CV/resume when seeking employment because it demonstrates that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and make a difference in the lives of others. 

In a recent survey we conducted, 86% of university students agreed or strongly agreed that volunteering had a positive impact on their employability.

4.    Learn about the world/different cultures

In the process of volunteering you are exposed to a foreign and unique culture in an unfamiliar country. One of the most rewarding experiences is your adaption to this culture as you begin to understand local customs including language and lifestyles.

This is different from being a tourist because your will be spending a significant amount of time in one place and with a particular group of people creating and strengthening relationships with a school, its students and the wider community.

This provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about different cultures, developing an understanding of the problems that host communities face and the role you can play in helping them overcoming these issues by strengthening their community to make it a better place to live in.

5.    Volunteering offers the opportunity to share your expertise and gain a new skill set.

Whilst you will bring valuable knowledge and skills to your placement, you will also have the opportunity to learn new skills due to the adaptations required in a foreign environment.

6.    Affordability

Due to the preparation we put into our placements we are able to create an affordable opportunity to allow you to volunteer. With no administration costs in Australia, all money is directed to assist you in Cambodia and to directly support our projects in the communities where you will be placed.   

7.    Avoid Burnout

Volunteering enhances your quality of life. Particularly for those who have just finished high school but also applicable to those that need a break from full time work or are transferring between jobs, volunteering allows you to take a step away from your life and provides some much needed time-off.

Taking a few weeks or months off, before returning to you education or occupation will afford you the opportunity to approach the next phase of your life with a fresh start and a renewed vigor, focus and maturity.

Employers are also aware of this and see taking time out to volunteer, recharge your batteries and re-assess your priorities in life can be extremely beneficial. It also contributes some perspective to your life and makes you realize just how big the world is and how privileged you are.